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"Ashes to Lashes" @ Benrimon Contemporary

13.09.2011, starts at 12 PM


Benrimon Contemporary
541 West 24th Street, 2nd floor
New York, New York 10011

Benrimon Contemporary.

Overview @ Miele Catwalk 2011

08.09.2011 - 09.09.2011

Save the date for Miele Catwalk!

Lenny Leleu will show an overview of her swimwear collections 2007 'till 2012 during Miele Catwalk. Along with other Belgian brands and designers Tim Van Steenbergen, Olivier Strelli, Natan, Marie jo, ... Get your ticket now!

Tour & Taxis
Havenlaan 86c
1000 Brussels

Miele Catwalk 2011.

SS 2011 Fashion Show @ Art Space Leguit

17.09.2010, show starts at 8 PM

Lenny Leleu invites you to the presentation of her 3rd swimwear collection 'Apocalypse on the beach'.


Art Space Leguit
Leguit 23
2000 Antwerp

Facebook Event

Showroom @ New York Fashion Week

15.02.2010 - 19.02.2010, between 10 AM and 6 PM

Showroom Antwerp @ Flanders House New York will be open from Monday February 15th 'till friday February 19th 2010, between 10 am and 6pm.

The New York Times Building
620 Eighth Avenue, 44th Floor
New York, NY 10018

New York Fashion Week

Showroom @ Barcelona Fashion week

02.09.2009 - 04.09.2009

Visit Lenny Leleu's showroom at the Barcelona Fashion Week!

08007 Barcelona

Barcelona Fashion Week

"Come Swim With Me" @ Bodylook

26.07.2009 - 28.07.2009

Presentation of Lenny's swimwear collection at Bodylook.

Düsseldorf Exhibition Centre
40474 Düsseldorf


"It's not my color" @ Vitrine 2009

08.06.2009 - 27.06.2009

Lenny Leleu shows her swimwear at Vitrine 2009, an initiative of the Flanders Fashion Institute.

Vlaanderenstraat 107
9000 Ghent

Flanders Fashion Institute

Label Launch @ Urban Outfitters

20.05.2009, starts at 5 PM

Showcase of Belgian talent Lenny Leleu and others. Free drinks, free ice cream, Kiehl's goodies and live music. Come see and expierience a fashionable evening!

Stadsfeestzaal Shopping
Meir 78
2000 Antwerp

Label Fashion Focus


Kate Ryan

Kate Ryan, the so called Lady gaga of the Low countries was spotted in her most recent video 'LoveLife' in a bathingsuit by Belgian designer Lenny Leleu.

Kate Ryan - LoveLife

Lenny Leleu X WoO

Lenny Leleu creates limited edition hand painted t-shirt line for online store World Of Objects. 'till death do us part : endless summer' is now available on

World Of Objects

Els De Schepper Roddelt

The designer created and designed all the outfits for this One Woman Show of Belgian comedian Els De Schepper from scratch. This show premiered on november 13th 2009 in the 'Lotto Arena' in Antwerp.

Els de Schepper Roddelt (2009) - Vanavond voel ik me ...


SS2011 Apocalypse on the beach 2011

Photography -- Kris Desmedt
Art-Direction -- Kris Desmedt & Elisabeth Ouni
Hair & Make-Up -- Sabine Peeters
Model -- Rose Van Bosstraeten (Dominique Models)
in an OUNI INC production for LENNY LELEU SS/11

Come swim with me

Photography -- Liselotte Habets
Art-Direction -- Liselotte Habets
Make-Up -- Kristeen Kuria
Location -- South Africa

Come swim with me

Photography -- Liselotte Habets
Art-Direction -- Liselotte Habets & Lenny Leleu
Hair & Make-Up -- Sabine Peeters
Models -- Isabelle @ Dominique & Charlotte @ Casting Factory

I ♥ Costa Brava

Photography -- Liselotte Habets
Art-Direction -- Liselotte Habets & Lenny Leleu
Hair & Make-Up -- Sabine Peeters
Models -- Isabelle @ Dominique & Charlotte @ Casting Factory

Goddess on a Highway

Photography -- Liselotte Habets
Art-Direction -- Liselotte Habets & Lenny Leleu
Hair & Make-Up -- Lien Kockelbergh
Model -- Sofie @ Casting Factory

Can you teach me bourgeoisie ?

Pictures -- Antwerp Fashion Academy


Lenny Leleu

Belgian designer Lenny Leleu was born in Cologne (Germany) and grew up in the German countryside. Where she gets her high school degree in Latin and mathematics.

She moved to Antwerp (Belgium) to study fashion design at the Royal Academy of fine arts Antwerp but first attended an artistic preparation year at "dé kunsthumaniora" also in Antwerp. After getting her masters degree in fashion design at the Academy she moved to NY where she did an internship at Daryl K (March-June 2008). Meanwhile never lost her goal of having an own label one day out of sight and kept working and designing on her own label. In NY she worked as a costume designer and as a stylist for several projects. After NY Leleu went to LA to intern for Jeremy Scott (July-October 2008). Next to the full-time internship she kept designing and sewing for her own label and had her collection sold in New High (M)art, LA.

She went back to Europe in October 2008 to assist Jeremy Scott during fashion week in Paris.

At present Leleu is working on her own swimwear label and having it produced in Belgium, meanwhile keeps contacts with the States and is already working on her future t-shirt line.

Cody Ross about Lenny Leleu

NYC/Antwerp - LENNY LELEU is the über bad-ass Belgian designer who is able to synthesize past and present, haute couture and ready-to-wear into a singular - and beautiful - range. She's interested in channeling the past without imitating it and concentrates on creating unusual and experimental garments and accessories with an artistic flair. Her brand is super creative and adventurous and Lenny is becoming well-known for her idiosyncratic design, exaggerated volumes and unorthodox swimwear.

Lenny's clothes consistently toy with the proportions of a women's body; she is a designer unafraid to juxtapose dramatically tailored garments with homographic detailing, something she does with tremendous panache. She cuts to flatter and intrigue and adds a good dose of tongue-and-cheek to her aesthetic. Shapes are directional and inventive and Lenny's clothes can be treated as wearable art - all peppered with a sly sense of humor. In her work, Lenny embraces a discourse of extremes exhibiting the divide between an analytical/architectural style and then skillfully constructs and deconstructs it with a fun orientation.

Lenny's notion of sexy operates on a technically rigorous and highly conceptual level - and with a cool sense of rebelliousness and irony. She is becoming well known for the complexity of her swimwear pieces, which are impeccably designed (in Belgium, of course) and done in sublime white hues (reminiscent of Margiela). Her geometric swimsuits embody an appreciation of an elegant form infused with the narrative of Belgian kraftwerk and are made with perfection and sex-appeal.

Lenny's background is formidable: she attended Antwerp's Royal Academy of Fine Arts where she earned a degree in fashion design. After cutting her teeth at various design houses including Daryl K in NYC and JEREMY SCOTT in LA, she went back to Antwerp in 2009 to nurture her eponymous clothing and accessories line.






06.03.2011 - Lenny Leleu, apocalypse on the beach

Met 'Apocalypse on the beach' brengt Lenny Leleu een ode aan 's werelds mooiste stranden op een ietwat duistere, en toch humoristische manier.

Met een knipoog naar de actualiteit (olieramp in de Golf van Mexico), stelt Lenny zichzelf de vraag: "Als de wereld zou vergaan, hoe wil ik dan het liefst mijn laatste dagen doorbrengen?". Haar antwoord: "In stijl! En op het strand! Rock & Roll, één groot feest!". Dit vertaalt zich in een reeks zwarte badpakken in verschillende vormen, en met uitsnijdingen die de vrouwelijke rondingen benadrukken. In haar creaties werkt Lenny steevast rond de 'architectuur van het lichaam'. De badpakken vertrekken van de bustiervorm en zijn vormtechnisch heel sterk uitgewerkt.


Fashion Channel 21

05.12.2010 - Ouni x Lenny Leleu SS/11

So a while ago I announced a sequel on this collaboration I did with Belgian designer LENNY LELEU. Et voilà...

Like I told before I'm a big fan of swimwear productions and this is officially my 2nd production and I am very happy with the results.

The model in the pictures is the stunning ROSE VAN BOSSTRAETEN, Belgian topmodel who strutted the runway for Christian Dior, Dries Van Noten, Balenciaga and with campagnes for H&M, Chanel & Yves Saint Laurent, let's just say... she ain't no rookie in the game. :)

Together with the help of photographer KRIS DESMEDT from 77 and H&MU artist SABINE PEETERS we created these beautiful images for Lenny's SS/2011 collection.

Think violette thunder skies, dirty beaches, black palmtrees or simply APOCALYPSE NOW.

05.12.2010, 10:44 PM

Ouni Inc.

29.09.2010 - Apocalyps now!

I have a bit of a secret obsession for swimwear.

I absolutely love swimwear editorials and really like the Sports Illustrated Swimwear Edition (especially anything with Ana Beatriz Barros) and all the lushes illusions that are created around it.

I guess it’s a part of the men's brain I understand very well.

My friend LENNY LELEU, a graduate from the Fashion Department from the Antwerp Royal Academy Of Fine Arts is all about swimwear too, more importantly she designs it!

So after she graduated, she worked for some time in New York & Los Angeles, to finally come back to Belgium and start her own collection.

Her third collection is called APOCALYPS ON THE BEACH and is her view on the world and its environment today with BP-oil spill and god knows what other stuff people throw in our beautiful sea.

So if your local beach turns out in an oily dirty mess next summer, then this is what you should wear to be in tune with the environment.

All black everything. But smoking hot like a burning tire.

Lenny invited me to her atelier in Antwerp where I took some raw on the spot disposable snapshots with the lovely LAYNA who is also: smoking hot and very rock 'n' roll.

The pictures are raw, in your face and with NO Photoshop.

Thank you Lenny for this little private sneak peek on this rocking collection!!

Stay tuned for another LENNY LELEU collaboration pretty soon...

29.09.2010, 06:41 PM

Ouni Inc.


Presentation of Lenny Leleu's 3rd swimwear collection.

Lenny is a graduate from the Fashion Department from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and she designs mostly swimwear. Her 3rd collection is called Apocalypse on the Beach and embodies her view on the world and its environment today, focusing on the BP-oil spill.


Art Space Leguit

08.09.2010 - Apocalypse on the Beach

Lenny Leleu, die evenals Café Costume deelnam aan het Vitrine 2010-parcours, lanceert op vrijdag 17 september haar derde swimwear collectie (inclusief een aantal strandoutfits) onder de titel 'Apocalypse on the Beach'! Lenny heeft helemaal geen Bono-eske wereldverbeterambities, maar kan evenmin de "rampspoed" van de afgelopen tijd onder de mat vegen en vroeg zichzelf daarom af hoe ze haar laatste dagen zou willen doorbrengen. Het antwoord: Op het strand! In stijl! En in het zwart!

De vertaling van Lenny's conclusie is een collectie die een ode brengt aan alle mooie stranden van deze wereld maar dit op een beetje duistere, rock 'n roll en evenzeer humoristische wijze. De badpakken starten van de bustiervorm en zijn - à la Lenny - vormtechnisch heel sterk uitgewerkt. Voor de handtassen kon de ontwerpster rekenen op de assistentie Annelies Timmermans, die de accessoires in haar nog te openen nieuwe winkel in Antwerpen zal verkopen. De schoenen werden geleverd door Sacha!

Jasmijn Verlinden, 08.09.2010, 23:49

blog FFI

12.05.2010 - Aftellen tot Vitrine 2010: AA[blank]Label

AA[Blank]Label, het modeproject van Lenny Leleu (°1983) en Ingrid MT Meijer (°1977), bijt vandaag de spits af in de grote countdown tot de start van Vitrine 2010 op 5 juni!

AA[Blank]Label verenigt twee designers uit Antwerpen en Arnhem, vandaar de 'AA' in de naam van het label. Ter ere van Vitrine, gaat het duo tussen 5 en 26 juni "undercover" en staat AA tijdelijk voor 'Addicts Anonymous'. Ik wil niet te veel verraden, maar een tipje van de sluier lichten, kan net: Leleu en Meijer willen de Vitrine-bezoekers een nieuwe verslaving aanmeten en schudden daarom in hun installatie een reeks shirts -letterlijk- door elkaar!

Op de vraag in hoeverre het Vitrine-thema 'slow fashion' binnen hun visie past, antwoorden beide designers eenstemmig: "AA[Blank]Label IS slow fashion, zowel op vlak van materiaalkeuze als van productiemethoden!" In plaats van slaafs een collectie per seizoen voort te brengen, streven Leleu en Meijer naar een reeks sterke stukken en naar innovatief zijn én blijven. In hun ogen heeft slow fashion z'n duffe imago afgeschud, maar glamoureus is het ook weer niet. AA[Blank]Label wil daarom meer schwung brengen in het concept en gaat dat de bezoekers van Vitrine letterlijk aan den lijve doen ondervinden!

Jasmijn Verlinden, 12.05.2010, 18:02

blog FFI

15.02.2010 - Malandrino Illustrated

And today I was very excited to see the collections at the Antwerp presentation.

And there we saw these amazing glasses by LENNY LELEU.

Her collection was really interesting and I need to buy some of her pieces immediately.

It consisted of deconstructed T shirts with interlayed corsets and bodices and colorful screen prints. See her Site for pictures!!

fadetoblack, 15.02.2010, 08:56 PM


08.02.2009 - Get Familiar: The Fall of the [2]Piece

Sorry for the last few days of absence but The Grind called. This is another Spring-prequel post geared at getting you Urban Graduettes prepared. You heard it hear first, one-piece swim suits are in for Spring '09! I know there are some that like to show that Janet Jackson abdomen they have worked so hard for, but as I always say... when there is MORE fabric to work with there is MORE fun. Case in point...

Here is my favorite. These are some pieces by Lenny Leleu. Her stuff is so official that it almost got it's own "u|T|ø Endorses" post. I would love to see an Urban Graduette masterfully pull off any one of these pieces [not literally].

great8productions, 08.02.2009, 09:50 PM